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Business cards and thank you cards

Well, I just ordered new business cards and added thank you cards as well. I’m really excited to get them, but in the meantime, here’s what they’ll look like.thank yous

BNP business card for blog

I can’t wait to start handing them out.

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As of Lately

I’m getting ready for my Senior BFA Photography show.

Which basically means I’m ridiculously busy researching, shooting, editing, printing, framing, matting, and sometimes sleeping.

But, also I have been working in the color darkroom! It’s one of my favorite things. Here are a few pictures I took with my iPhone of the process.

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I’m glad you stopped by.

Welcome to my new website!

I hope you can find your way around easily. Let me know if anything isn’t working right and I’ll get right on it!

A few things about this site.

A-I’m super glad I don’t have to design websites regularly. That was super time consuming and confusing.

B- I definitely love photography and what I do. I much prefer shooting and editing than web design.

C- I’m so happy to have the website done and up!


I hope to update my new website blog at least once a week with new things I’m working on.

Also, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! We should be friends.


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