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If you follow #briannanicholephotography on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed me posting stuff about my “Big, Cheap, and Public” project over the last few weeks.
Basically, I printed something ridiculously big, on cheap paper, and display it in public. My image was 10 feet by 10 feet. It was…. a unique experience. I don’t really recommend printing that big if you don’t have a spare 24 hours of working time. But, I learned a lot by it and I think it turned out really cool, actually.

A quick shot of it in it’s place, and me next to it.

me and zebra

zebra bitmap small

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Gemma’s First Birthday

Although I’m completely over loaded with things I need to edit and finish for my BFA show, I couldn’t resist editing a few of this darling baby toddler.






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Beth at the Temple

This is my beautiful friend, Beth. She’s in my major and she asked me to take some pictures of her outside the temple after she went through for the first time. I’m 
so happy for her. And it was a beautiful day.


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