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Colin & Megan Bridals- Provo City Center Temple, Sleepy Ridge Golf

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Rich & Kelli Wedding- Wheeler Farm

If you haven’t ever considered pre-wedding formal pictures this story I’m going to share may change your mind, Luckily Rich and Kelli did do pre-wedding formals. Within 30 minutes of each other there’s a farm called Wheeler Farm and a farm called Wadley Farm. Unfortunately the judge officiating the wedding went to Wadley Farm and after realizing the mistake was over an hour late, leaving us with all of 15-20 minutes for pictures in between the wedding and reception. Because we did their pictures before hand we were okay on time. Obviously I would have loved to have that hour for pictures, but none of us felt as stressed as we would have had we not done them before. You never know what kind of set back could happen on your wedding day so I always suggest doing Bridals/Groomals beforehand.

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