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Millie’s 1st Valentines Day

My baby is almost 5 months old!┬áTime goes so fast when you’re watching a baby grow every day. She is the happiest and the best baby. I adore her. I have always really loved Valentines Day and actually made these heart strings in college to decorate a dimly lit basement apartment I was living in at the time. In case anyone wants to know how cheap I was, I used paint swatch samples from Home Depot. It made it an affordable college craft and I’ve used them every year since for decorating for Valentines Day. There’s something extremely fun about celebrating every holiday right now. Every holiday is Millie’s first and therefore as a photographer/mom/memory keeper I always take pictures of Millie in her specific holiday outfit. This particular little shoot was extra special because MILLIE LEARNED HOW TO ROLL OVER! I got it in a series of pictures. And because I was so giddy about this moment I was seeing through my lens, my focus is off in the pictures. But I’m still thrilled to have this milestone of hers saved in picture form. Excuse me while I go cry because she’s not my teeny tiny baby anymore.

Expect more blogs throughout the year of this little one because she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


I really wanted to kiss her with lipstick but I don’t own a bright or dark enough color apparently so they don’t show up that well….haha

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Utah Engagement Photographer- Peter & Brianna

This couple is all sorts of cute! I loved hearing their love story. When Peter and Brianna went ring shopping, Brianna was convinced she wanted a simple ring. Peter didn’t think she’d be happy long term with the ring she picked out so he bought a fake ring that looked the same on amazon and made her wear it before he’d buy her the real ring. It didn’t take long for her to realize he was right and they ended up buying a different one. How cute is that? What a smart man!

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Utah Engagement Photographer- Reed & Kelsey

Reed is in the military and is living near Denver right now. The afternoon I did their shoot was THE ONLY time they had together before their wedding to do them. Because of the crazy weather this day I may have rescheduled had it been a couple that could have rescheduled. Not only are these two going to have the most beautiful red-headed babies, they’re going to have an adventurous and fun life together! I call these type of clients my “off roading” couples. They want to go way off the beaten path and don’t mind getting dirty or wet in the process. Reed and Kelsey had a snow fight (which I had the very worst possible lens in my bag on my camera at the time for the fight!), climbed a tall tree, and nearly fell into a half frozen pond. And this was all while it was super snowy and windy! I want to be best friends with them.

P.S. Guess what Reed and Kelsey?! It’s February!! That means your wedding is NEXT MONTH!!!


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