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Utah Bridal Photographer- Reed & Kelsey, American Fork Canyon & Timpanogos Temple

I’ve only shot a handful of weddings where the groom is in his dress blues, but I’m always excited when I get to! I’ve had a few brides from these situations tell me, “I had to find a killer dress because how can you look as good as a man in his dress blues?” Well, I’d say Kelsey nailed it. You guys, look close at her dress. IT’S PINK UNDER THE LACE!!! Seriously, like RIGHT after I got married I saw this for the first time and ever since I’ve been in love with blush dresses. My main wedding color was this shade of light pink and I’m kinda jealous because I wish I could have had a blush dress! *Back to the post, end of coveting* Kelsey looked beautiful in her dress. I know that there are all sorts of rules for things you can’t do in Military attire, but I don’t know most of them. So when I was posing them I told Reed to put a hand in his pocket and without a 1/60 of a second he says, “AR 670-1 states I cannot put my hands in my pocket”. I was so shocked by his super specific response that I laughed! How amazing is it that he has the exact rule memorized??! I was so stoked for this shoot for another reason though…. I BOUGHT MY DREAM LENS!! And I bought it like 3 days before this shoot so I could hardly contain my excitement to use it on someone besides my baby and husband (even though he is mega hot *insert flame emoji* and she is freaking adorable). In case you were wondering, the lens is an 85mm 1.4. In my opinion it’s the most dreamy portrait lens ever. And I love the results it produced.

Happy wedding day Reed & Kelsey!

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Utah Engagement Photographer- Taylor & Kori, Utah Lake

Every once in a while I’ll just tell my couple a meeting spot and we go on an adventure as we shoot. I had sort of scouted this location out with my 4 year old niece a few weeks previous so I knew the general area of where I wanted to go, but I had no idea it’d end up as magical as it did! If you know these 2 together, you know Taylor makes Kori laugh nearly constantly. I don’t know his family at all, but I’m guessing he’s the family clown. Because she is so sweet and thoughtful, I’m guessing Kori is the family peace maker. So together, I think they make a pretty well rounded and wonderful couple.

About a month ago, Taylor asked me to shoot their actual proposal and it was so sweet that I teared up watching. I’m so glad I got to capture such an important part of their love story.

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Utah Engagement Photographer- Vince & Salome

Vince & Salome met more than 10 years ago when Salome was just 14. It always amazes me how many of my engaged couples knew each other through the most awkward part of life and still end up getting married! I’m fairly certain if my husband would have known me at 14 I never would have had a chance with him when we were adults. I’m glad these 2 ended up together because they are wonderful and have sweet goals as a couple.

You’ll also notice that in none of Vince & Salome’s pictures they are kissing. They dated a few years ago for the first time and they kissed during that time but since then they haven’t kissed and are waiting to kiss again till their wedding day. I’m excited to get that first exciting kiss on camera!

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