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Utah Family Photographer: Macfarlane Family, Provo Canyon

It only snowed once while I was in Utah and it honestly was colder here in South Carolina when we got home than it was our whole time in Utah. It was a big bummer! We went up the canyon to find some good snow for pictures. Shooting a family with all the kids old enough to look and smile (with non fake smiles) is so different than with little kids! I almost feel like I don’t really earn my money this way because I don’t feel completely exhausted by then end from making crazy noises and being totally ridiculous! This family was great, after all, they’re my husband’s aunt, uncle and cousins!

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Utah Family Photographer- Nye Family, Riverwoods

We went home to Utah for a few weeks for Christmas and I shot a wedding and several families while there! Here’s a few of the Nye Family.


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Utah Family Photographer: Proctor Family, Utah Lake

This is the 3rd year in a row I’ve shot for this cute family. I feel like it’s a rare thing for any family to be so on top of and consistent with their pictures but this family is! Melissa said she was not looking forward to having to find a new photographer after I moved, but luckily I was there at Christmas time to shoot for them again. Utah Lake is the most beautiful in the winter. Let’s be honest, Utah Lake in the Summer is super smelly and has so many bugs! But look how beautiful it is frozen and with snow on the shore!


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