My 7.5 month old has become super clingy to me the last few weeks and has made editing and blogging muuuuuch more time consuming. This blog post took me literally all day to put together because I only had a few minutes here and there until my husband came home from work. But non-the-less, here it is! AND it is Gerardo and Kasaundra’s 1 month anniversary today so everyone should wish them a happy 1 month anniversary! In their bridals post I told you about the significance of Kasaundra’s dress and said I’d tell you about the significance of her wedding ring in this post. Both of Gerardo’s parents have passed away and Kasaundra never got to meet either of them. But Gerardo gave Kasaundra his mom’s wedding ring set so she gets to have a piece of his mom with her always. I think this is so sweet and the perfect companion in their wedding to her heirloom dress as well! This wedding was wonderful. Filled with the sweetest family members and friends of the couple that you could truly tell loved them. I hope looking through these you can see the love everyone had for each other! Also, I wanted to wish all mom’s a happy Mother’s Day, yesterday!

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Colorado Family Photographer- Norris Family, Hudson Gardens

The Norris Family flew me out to Denver to do Sarah’s first year pictures and their family pictures. Poor little Sarah got super sick and was hospitalized on her birthday, just the day before this shoot. You can’t tell in the pictures though because she was a happy girl. I’m also these kids’ aunt so it was super fun to be able to do their pictures. I absolutely adore Matthew’s faces in some of these especially. Enjoy!

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California Bridal Photographer- Gerardo & Kasaundra, Scripps Pier and Windansea Beach

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was do this shoot. I’ve dreamt of doing bridals on the beach for 7 years! I met up with Gerardo for their first look and got to talk to him for a while before Kasaundra came and learned how they met. Kasaundra was giving a talk in church and Gerardo was captivated by her. He was dating someone at the time but it sounds like they hit it off pretty fast. I also learned that Kasaundra’s wedding dress was her grandma’s! It fit her perfectly and she loved it so she made it her own! I love this! The most perfect “Something Old” AND “Something borrowed”. On their wedding post I’ll share another super sweet and sentimental item of their wedding.

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Utah Bridal Photographer- Peter & Brianna, Salt Lake Capitol Building & Draper Temple

When Brianna told me her plan for her first look I was so excited! I love it when brides get creative with their shoots. There’s a short window of time when the blossoms are on the trees and I always love shooting at the capitol building during this time because it is just gorgeous. Today these 2 get hitched and I’m so excited to spend the day with them and their family and friends!


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Utah Senior Photographer- Tanner, Alpine Utah

I shot Tanner’s older brother’s senior pictures several years ago and then did some updated portraits for his parents a few months later. We did his pictures around his neighborhood and it was awesome! Right behind their backyard there’s a giant lot for sale that is filled with tall pine trees. Apparently it used to be a Christmas tree lot and it got out of control. I was super excited about it. I’ve never shot a senior boy that changed outfits so much, but it was pretty easy because we shot right next to his house. Tanner is secretly the next member of 1 Direction and a Hollister model in his spare time. JK! But doesn’t he look like he could be??

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Utah Family Photographer- Lippard, Capitol Building

Baby Kate is only a month old! I think my baby is little till I hold a brand new baby! It’s crazy how fast they grow up. This family is so fun and I’m sooo sad they are moving to Texas this summer! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them over the past year and wish they were staying in our neighborhood.

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Utah Senior Photographer- Marilyn, Peace Gardens

I think the first time I photographed Marilyn was 5 years ago. She was just a little girl then and in a blink of an eye she is graduating! What?? When she showed up to the shoot I had to do a double take because she looks exactly like her sister, Rin. Her mom, Stacy, was bummed I didn’t bring my baby to the shoot! I told her I would have if I knew she wanted to play with her during it. So, If you want to play with my baby during your shoot, let me know! 😛 I told Marilyn she needed to marry a guy that will give her red-headed babies because her red hair is ALLLLL the heart eyes! I married a red-head and unfortunately I don’t think my genes will allow us a red-head. But I’m still praying and wishing for one!

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Utah Family Photographer- Rasmussen, Capitol Building

Spring is so unpredictable and the day I did my mini shoots this spring was pretty cold, windy, and rainy. Though I love shooting in the rain because of how pretty it looks in pictures, it’s not ideal for little kids. Especially kids that recently moved to Utah from Arizona! Considering the bummer weather, this family was great and the kids did their very best to be happy!


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Utah Family Photographer- Christensen, Capitol Building

I haven’t seen this family since the twins were like 3. Michele was one of my Young Women leaders when she was pregnant with them! This family was so great. Despite the rain and chilly weather they were so happy and fun to photograph!

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Utah Wedding Photographer- Reed & Kelsey, Timpanogos Temple & Gardner Village

I’m going to start this post out by saying I’m sad these 2 live in Denver. I’d totally make them be my husband and I’s friends if they lived here. Second I’m going to say what a champ these 2 were all day in the rain. It rained their whole day. And Kelsey had to re do her hair like 10x probably. I LOVE how the rain makes pictures look though so I wasn’t too disappointed.


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