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Austin & Mikayla, Salt Lake Temple, Bridals

I’m so glad these 2 wanted to do a first look before their weddings! First looks are my very favorite and I recommend them to all of my couples because it makes things go so much smoother after your wedding and before your reception if you’ve already done couple pictures! The Salt Lake Temple at Christmas time is one of my favorite places. I’m so glad I got to shoot here again this year because it’s the same month I got married here!

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Utah Bridal Photographer, Jason & Emily, Timpanogos Temple

These 2 perfect people are getting married today! I’m so stoked for them. While they were addressing their wedding invites they found out that I live in the same neighborhood as me. Literally like 4 houses a way on a street that intersects mine. I am in the family ward and Jason was going to the singles ward so we never knew each other. 2 days after I did their bridals I saw them sitting on his front steps while my husband and I took our baby for a walk. Small. World.


Utah Bridal Photographer- Ryan & Karina, Provo City Center Temple & Utah State Hospital

Ryan’s reaction when he first saw Karina was so sweet. It perfectly set the mood for the rest of their shoot! Karina has been living at home since school got out and came back a week before their wedding. We shot these 1 week exactly before their wedding! Shout out to my awesome husband for being Mr. Mom while I got working on this shoot and got it back to them in 4 days. Probably one of my records. You’ll notice toward the end, there’s a picture of them in a ballroom dance formation. That’s because they’re both ballroom dancers! I cannot wait to watch them dance tonight at their reception!

California Bridal Photographer- Gerardo & Kasaundra, Scripps Pier and Windansea Beach

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was do this shoot. I’ve dreamt of doing bridals on the beach for 7 years! I met up with Gerardo for their first look and got to talk to him for a while before Kasaundra came and learned how they met. Kasaundra was giving a talk in church and Gerardo was captivated by her. He was dating someone at the time but it sounds like they hit it off pretty fast. I also learned that Kasaundra’s wedding dress was her grandma’s! It fit her perfectly and she loved it so she made it her own! I love this! The most perfect “Something Old” AND “Something borrowed”. On their wedding post I’ll share another super sweet and sentimental item of their wedding.

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Utah Bridal Photographer- Peter & Brianna, Salt Lake Capitol Building & Draper Temple

When Brianna told me her plan for her first look I was so excited! I love it when brides get creative with their shoots. There’s a short window of time when the blossoms are on the trees and I always love shooting at the capitol building during this time because it is just gorgeous. Today these 2 get hitched and I’m so excited to spend the day with them and their family and friends!


Utah Wedding Photographer- Reed & Kelsey, Timpanogos Temple & Gardner Village

I’m going to start this post out by saying I’m sad these 2 live in Denver. I’d totally make them be my husband and I’s friends if they lived here. Second I’m going to say what a champ these 2 were all day in the rain. It rained their whole day. And Kelsey had to re do her hair like 10x probably. I LOVE how the rain makes pictures look though so I wasn’t too disappointed.


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Utah Bridal Photographer- Reed & Kelsey, American Fork Canyon & Timpanogos Temple

I’ve only shot a handful of weddings where the groom is in his dress blues, but I’m always excited when I get to! I’ve had a few brides from these situations tell me, “I had to find a killer dress because how can you look as good as a man in his dress blues?” Well, I’d say Kelsey nailed it. You guys, look close at her dress. IT’S PINK UNDER THE LACE!!! Seriously, like RIGHT after I got married I saw this for the first time and ever since I’ve been in love with blush dresses. My main wedding color was this shade of light pink and I’m kinda jealous because I wish I could have had a blush dress! *Back to the post, end of coveting* Kelsey looked beautiful in her dress. I know that there are all sorts of rules for things you can’t do in Military attire, but I don’t know most of them. So when I was posing them I told Reed to put a hand in his pocket and without a 1/60 of a second he says, “AR 670-1 states I cannot put my hands in my pocket”. I was so shocked by his super specific response that I laughed! How amazing is it that he has the exact rule memorized??! I was so stoked for this shoot for another reason though…. I BOUGHT MY DREAM LENS!! And I bought it like 3 days before this shoot so I could hardly contain my excitement to use it on someone besides my baby and husband (even though he is mega hot *insert flame emoji* and she is freaking adorable). In case you were wondering, the lens is an 85mm 1.4. In my opinion it’s the most dreamy portrait lens ever. And I love the results it produced.

Happy wedding day Reed & Kelsey!

Colin & Megan Wedding- Provo City Center Temple, Sleepy Ridge Golf

Colin and Megan’s wedding was my first wedding back from having a baby. I shot this wedding 2.5 weeks after having a C-Section. I had no idea I would have to have a C-Section and my baby was late so this wedding was physically really difficult to shoot. Thank heaven for my AMAZING husband who was with me the whole day holding all my equipment and being so supportive of my business. I love this couple and think their love is so sweet. When I did their bridals (like 2 weeks before I was due) Colin cried when he saw Megan for the first time. It was one of the sweetest first looks I’ve done. One fun thing about this wedding was Megan’s sister got married just THE DAY before her. Bless their mom. I loved being their photographer and love the images I got from this day too.

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Colin & Megan Bridals- Provo City Center Temple, Sleepy Ridge Golf

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Utah Bridal Photographer- Richard & Kelli, Albion Basin

I rode up the canyon with the bride and her friend while the groom drove up in a different car so we could do a first look. We we had just entered a new speed zone when out of nowhere a police officer pulled us over. I’m pretty sure the bride’s friend got out of a speeding ticket because the passenger in the front was in her wedding dress. I guess we all can just wear wedding dresses when we plan to speed? It at least made for a good story leading up to these beautiful pictures!
































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