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Utah Family Photographer- Nye Family, Riverwoods

We went home to Utah for a few weeks for Christmas and I shot a wedding and several families while there! Here’s a few of the Nye Family.


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South Carolina Photographer- Peterson Kids, Columbia Riverwalk

The riverwalk is one of the best places I’ve found here to do shoots so far because it offers a variety of backgrounds. A cute bridge, Spanish moss, a river, a canal, and brick and urban backgrounds too! These kids were perfect. They all had real smiles for me and they didn’t even make me be too goofy to get them! I’m glad mom snuck for a few pictures too.


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South Carolina Family Photographer- Francom Family, Saluda Shoals

This family is ADORABLE! Don’t you think? I met Brittany one of my first few weeks here and took their first family pictures they’ve had in several years. One thing you can tell from being around them is how much the kids love each other. They were so sweet with one another and you could tell how much sincerity there was amongst them! I’m so excited to be getting a few shoots on my calendar now. Let me know if you need pictures!


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Millie Turns 1

I can’t believe I have a 1 year old. It really seems like 2 weeks ago I was holding her for the first time and now she’s almost walking and becoming more independent every day. I love this little girl more than I ever dreamt possible. She makes me happy. Also, I’m offended. She didn’t like my cake.

Paper garland and cake topper-


Dress- Spring Baby Gap sale

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Colorado Family Photographer- Norris Family, Hudson Gardens

The Norris Family flew me out to Denver to do Sarah’s first year pictures and their family pictures. Poor little Sarah got super sick and was hospitalized on her birthday, just the day before this shoot. You can’t tell in the pictures though because she was a happy girl. I’m also these kids’ aunt so it was super fun to be able to do their pictures. I absolutely adore Matthew’s faces in some of these especially. Enjoy!

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Millie’s 1/2 Birthday

If you know me at all, you know half birthdays are my thing. I love them! When I tell someone happy half birthday it throws them off. Most people don’t keep track of this so it’s super exciting to me to remember some people’s half birthdays to make an ordinary day a little more fun. So when Millie had her first half birthday I had to do something for her. I made her this little crown and made my husband do a shoot with her. It was pretty chilly and windy when we did the shoot but Millie handled it like a champ.


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Millie’s 1st Valentines Day

My baby is almost 5 months old! Time goes so fast when you’re watching a baby grow every day. She is the happiest and the best baby. I adore her. I have always really loved Valentines Day and actually made these heart strings in college to decorate a dimly lit basement apartment I was living in at the time. In case anyone wants to know how cheap I was, I used paint swatch samples from Home Depot. It made it an affordable college craft and I’ve used them every year since for decorating for Valentines Day. There’s something extremely fun about celebrating every holiday right now. Every holiday is Millie’s first and therefore as a photographer/mom/memory keeper I always take pictures of Millie in her specific holiday outfit. This particular little shoot was extra special because MILLIE LEARNED HOW TO ROLL OVER! I got it in a series of pictures. And because I was so giddy about this moment I was seeing through my lens, my focus is off in the pictures. But I’m still thrilled to have this milestone of hers saved in picture form. Excuse me while I go cry because she’s not my teeny tiny baby anymore.

Expect more blogs throughout the year of this little one because she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


I really wanted to kiss her with lipstick but I don’t own a bright or dark enough color apparently so they don’t show up that well….haha

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Norris Family

This is my husband’s sister’s family. They were in town after Christmas and we went outside for 10 minutes for a quick shoot. thats all we could all last in the 20 degree weather. I have the cutest niece and nephews!

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Meet Millie

This sweet baby joined our family on September 25, 2016 at 9:33 PM after 18 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and a C-Section. She weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, was 21.5 inches long and her head was in the 100th percentile. We are completely smitten and had no idea how much our hearts could love such a tiny little bundle. Meet Millie Doris Macfarlane.

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Wilcox Girls

This sweet family lives in my neighborhood. I was so excited to do a girly shoot in the flowers!

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