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Louisiana Engagement Photographer- Hunter & Morgan, Walker

When they found out I would be in Louisiana Morgan wanted me to do her bridals. Unfortunately her dress’s alterations weren’t yet done so we settled for a few extra engagement pictures. As a photographer I find the beauty in simple things. Especially in places I’ve never been. I didn’t know this area at all and I told these 2 to just start driving. Well, like 3 minutes into the drive I saw this GORGEOUS location. It was the back yard of 2 mobile homes. Hunter was hesitant but he knocked on the door of one and no one answered. Being the rebel that I am decided to just ask forgiveness if anyone asked what we were doing. Their yard was beautiful though and honestly, if you tell someone their yard is beautiful then they never say no. I’ve found this to be true 100% of the time. Hunter was a ball of nerves the whole time saying, “People here are different than in Utah. We all have guns. We’re gonna get shot!” But we didn’t. No one said anything and we got the most beautiful and perfect Louisiana look to these pictures. Thanks for being adventurers with me!

Also, Happy 4th of July!


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Jason & Emily Engagements, International Peace Gardens

Jason and Emily not only had their first date at the Peace Gardens but their very first date was exactly 1 year previous to the day we did their engagement shoot. It was super perfect and sentimental! I LOVE stories like this. It gave me all the heart eyes to hear. Sometimes the weather report is right on and sometimes it’s way off. This was one of those days where it was off. That morning I woke up to an inch of snow on my lawn so I immediately looked at the hourly report and it looked like it was going to be perfectly fine by the evening. As I left my house to meet them for their shoot it was sunny and nice. By the time I got to the location it was rainy, dark, windy, and cold. The first thing I asked them was, “How adventurous are you??” They were totally game. I LOVE MY COUPLES! The first few poses I had them in was rainy and then snowy. Then it stopped and was just cloudy and a bit cold. But I’m glad we stuck it out because I LOVE to shoot in overcast light. It’s beautiful and even and perfect. I noticed Emily’s ring was green so I asked her what kind of stone it was. She said it is a green sapphire. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I love when my brides have unique rings. These 2 are super cute and completely down to earth. I loved getting to know them and can’t wait to shoot their bridals and wedding. (I also can’t wait to see her dress because she’s having it custom made for her!)

Utah Engagement Photographer- Larz & Ashlee- Olympic Village, Capitol Building

I’m 95% sure Larz was the first family member I met from my husband’s family. I met him apx an hour before Kyle asked me to officially be his girlfriend. In the 2.5 years I’ve known him, this is by far the happiest I’ve ever seen him. I’m so glad he found Ashlee and I’m ecstatic that she fits so well into the family. Sometimes I’m nervous when I shoot friends or family engagements that the couple will feel weird to kiss so much in front of me, but these 2 gladly took the opportunity to be commanded to kiss. When you’re engaged everyone seems to tell you don’t kiss too much and I tell my couples during their shoot to kiss apx every 10 seconds. This is probably why engagement shoots are so fun for everyone! 😉

I look forward to taking their pictures as their family grows in the future.

Utah Engagement Photographer- Ryan & Karina- Downtown Salt Lake

After Christmas Ryan flew to visit Karina and they exchanged gifts on New Year’s Eve. Karina was down to 2 presents left- a bigger box, and 1 similar to a ring box size. Ryan threw her off a bit and had put her ring in the bigger box. I loved this. Sometimes you just know when it’s going to happen, but I thought it was super smart to try and make it more of a surprise. I also loved that they got engaged on New Year’s Eve, my anniversary! I was super excited with their first outfit because of how vibrant the color was. This raspberry color is their main wedding color too.


Utah Engagement Photographer- Taylor & Kori, Utah Lake

Every once in a while I’ll just tell my couple a meeting spot and we go on an adventure as we shoot. I had sort of scouted this location out with my 4 year old niece a few weeks previous so I knew the general area of where I wanted to go, but I had no idea it’d end up as magical as it did! If you know these 2 together, you know Taylor makes Kori laugh nearly constantly. I don’t know his family at all, but I’m guessing he’s the family clown. Because she is so sweet and thoughtful, I’m guessing Kori is the family peace maker. So together, I think they make a pretty well rounded and wonderful couple.

About a month ago, Taylor asked me to shoot their actual proposal and it was so sweet that I teared up watching. I’m so glad I got to capture such an important part of their love story.

Utah Engagement Photographer- Vince & Salome

Vince & Salome met more than 10 years ago when Salome was just 14. It always amazes me how many of my engaged couples knew each other through the most awkward part of life and still end up getting married! I’m fairly certain if my husband would have known me at 14 I never would have had a chance with him when we were adults. I’m glad these 2 ended up together because they are wonderful and have sweet goals as a couple.

You’ll also notice that in none of Vince & Salome’s pictures they are kissing. They dated a few years ago for the first time and they kissed during that time but since then they haven’t kissed and are waiting to kiss again till their wedding day. I’m excited to get that first exciting kiss on camera!

Utah Engagement Photographer- Peter & Brianna

This couple is all sorts of cute! I loved hearing their love story. When Peter and Brianna went ring shopping, Brianna was convinced she wanted a simple ring. Peter didn’t think she’d be happy long term with the ring she picked out so he bought a fake ring that looked the same on amazon and made her wear it before he’d buy her the real ring. It didn’t take long for her to realize he was right and they ended up buying a different one. How cute is that? What a smart man!

Utah Engagement Photographer- Reed & Kelsey

Reed is in the military and is living near Denver right now. The afternoon I did their shoot was THE ONLY time they had together before their wedding to do them. Because of the crazy weather this day I may have rescheduled had it been a couple that could have rescheduled. Not only are these two going to have the most beautiful red-headed babies, they’re going to have an adventurous and fun life together! I call these type of clients my “off roading” couples. They want to go way off the beaten path and don’t mind getting dirty or wet in the process. Reed and Kelsey had a snow fight (which I had the very worst possible lens in my bag on my camera at the time for the fight!), climbed a tall tree, and nearly fell into a half frozen pond. And this was all while it was super snowy and windy! I want to be best friends with them.

P.S. Guess what Reed and Kelsey?! It’s February!! That means your wedding is NEXT MONTH!!!


Devin & Lisa- Big Cottonwood Canyon

These 2 have been married just over a year ago and wanted some new pictures, particularly for Christmas cards. They are so giggly and laughed basically the whole time. Though we were cold, we had some serious fun. Snow pictures are so beautiful and honestly probably my very favorite background.


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