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Colorado Family Photographer- Norris Family, Hudson Gardens

The Norris Family flew me out to Denver to do Sarah’s first year pictures and their family pictures. Poor little Sarah got super sick and was hospitalized on her birthday, just the day before this shoot. You can’t tell in the pictures though because she was a happy girl. I’m also these kids’ aunt so it was super fun to be able to do their pictures. I absolutely adore Matthew’s faces in some of these especially. Enjoy!

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Utah Family Photographer- Lippard, Capitol Building

Baby Kate is only a month old! I think my baby is little till I hold a brand new baby! It’s crazy how fast they grow up. This family is so fun and I’m sooo sad they are moving to Texas this summer! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them over the past year and wish they were staying in our neighborhood.

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Utah Family Photographer- Rasmussen, Capitol Building

Spring is so unpredictable and the day I did my mini shoots this spring was pretty cold, windy, and rainy. Though I love shooting in the rain because of how pretty it looks in pictures, it’s not ideal for little kids. Especially kids that recently moved to Utah from Arizona! Considering the bummer weather, this family was great and the kids did their very best to be happy!


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Utah Family Photographer- Christensen, Capitol Building

I haven’t seen this family since the twins were like 3. Michele was one of my Young Women leaders when she was pregnant with them! This family was so great. Despite the rain and chilly weather they were so happy and fun to photograph!

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Utah Family Photographer- Krebs Family, Wheeler Farm

I love this family. They used to be our next-door neighbors and Lia still calls me Brinana. They aren’t our next-door neighbors anymore, but they still live in our neighborhood and I’m 90% sure Lia has (or at least had) a crush on my husband (I totally get it, he’s pretty awesome). There are always a ton of dogs at Wheeler Farm and this family has a big Black Lab. The kids love dogs and they literally asked every single dog owner we passed if they could pet their dog. It was adorable and hilarious how much they love dogs.

Norris Family

This is my husband’s sister’s family. They were in town after Christmas and we went outside for 10 minutes for a quick shoot. thats all we could all last in the 20 degree weather. I have the cutest niece and nephews!

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Devin & Lisa- Big Cottonwood Canyon

These 2 have been married just over a year ago and wanted some new pictures, particularly for Christmas cards. They are so giggly and laughed basically the whole time. Though we were cold, we had some serious fun. Snow pictures are so beautiful and honestly probably my very favorite background.


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Daw Family- Highland Gardens

I believe this is the 4th time, maybe 5th time I’ve shot the Daw Family’s pictures now. I love this family. They are so sweet and so fun to work with!

Wilcox Girls

This sweet family lives in my neighborhood. I was so excited to do a girly shoot in the flowers!

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Nye Family


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