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Utah Missionary Photographer- Matthew, Provo City Center Temple

The Daw Family kids don’t go anywhere but crazy places. Jessica went to Russia, Sam went to Iceland, and now Matthew is going to Ghana! I can’t wait to see where Jackson will go when he goes! I asked Matthew how old he was when I first took his pictures and he said he was 12. If I gave any awards to my clients, Matthew would get the most improved smile. Is it weird that I’m proud of his smile?? ‘Cause I totally am! At every single shoot I’ve done with this family it’s been an entire family project to get real smiles from Matthew. BUT this shoot was just he and I there and his smiles are PERFECT! I texted his mom when we were done and told her he smiled perfectly. She replied, “I’m so glad you’ve been able to train him!”

The Daw Family was one of my first ever clients as their daughter, Sara, was one of my best friends in high school. I’ve now shot all their kids senior pictures (minus Jackson who’s not graduated yet), 3 mission shoots, 4 family shoots, and Sara’s wedding. Definitely one of my favorite family’s and most loyal. They saw me through my practicing years and while I was definitely still a beginner.

AND! I want to throw a plug in for Brad, the dad. He’s running for congress! Jason Chaffetz recently resigned and Brad is one of the people now running to take his spot. This family is amazing and Brad definitely is someone we could use in D.C. Visit to learn more about him. I’d love to see everyone in his district supporting him. I know who I’ll be voting for!


Emilie Missionary- Salt Lake Temple

This is my baby sister. I’m crying my eyes out right now as I put this post together because she’s leaving on her mission tomorrow. My little brother is already on a mission and this means half of us siblings are going to be gone. I’m going to miss her bubbly happy self but I’m so excited for her too. I know she’s made the right choice for her and know she’ll be a blessing to so many. Love you, Em.

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Nicholas “Pickle” Mission

The light was STUNNING on the day we did this shoot! It was a rainy day and we nearly postponed the shoot but I’m so glad we didn’t. I wish I could shoot in that light every day.

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