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Millie Turns 1

I can’t believe I have a 1 year old. It really seems like 2 weeks ago I was holding her for the first time and now she’s almost walking and becoming more independent every day. I love this little girl more than I ever dreamt possible. She makes me happy. Also, I’m offended. She didn’t like my cake.

Paper garland and cake topper-


Dress- Spring Baby Gap sale

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Brianna Nichole Photography is Moving to South Carolina!

A few months ago my sweet and handsome husband graduated grad school. He’s applied to hundreds of places, had dozens of interviews, lots of job offers and none felt right. Not until the one we just found out about and accepted a few weeks ago. We’ve known we would be moving but just a few days ago found out where to. Columbia, South Carolina. We will be moved by August 15. Because I want to make sure to get everyone’s shoots edited by this date I’m only going to be adding a few more shoots in July. I have 1 mini shoot and 3 regular length shoots left ’till I will close my business here. (But we do hope to be back in Utah one day.) I will definitely give updates on when I will be back to visit family so make sure to quickly snag any of those spots I offer. And I’m not opposed at all to come back to shoot the occasional wedding.

I’ve been thinking about what to write to adequately express my love and gratitude for everyone who has supported me since I started shooting about 9 years ago. I don’t think there are words that mean enough. I’ve had so many repeat clients who stuck with me through my struggling beginnings in high school, have shot the weddings of every child in 1 particular family, was able to capture family photos for two families as one of their children was close to the end of their life. I was honored to shoot in Texas, Idaho, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and of course Utah. Every bride and groom I’ve met through this process have changed my life and made me appreciate the gift of marriage even more. Every engagement shoot I do makes me giddy and come home to my husband with googly heart eyes all over again. Every family I’ve worked with have made me laugh and put a smile on my face. Every shoot I do energizes me and now re-charges my mom batteries. Thank you. To every client who’s ever trusted me to capture an important moment in their life. I sincerely love you all. You have changed my life.

Several people have asked me how many weddings I had to cancel to move so abruptly. I wanted to write this part out because I also need to thank my Heavenly Father for looking out for me. Every Aug-Oct is also a busy time for me. Last year I turned down over 10 weddings while I would be taking my maternity leave to have my baby in September. This year however I’ve had very little interest in that time. Every time I’d think about advertising to try and book weddings during the end of summer/beginning of fall the thought would leave or I’d get distracted. Every time I’d think how weird it was that I had no wedding on my schedule after July I’d also feel peace. I now know that the Lord’s hand was in helping me phase my business out here in preparation to be able to support my husband and our family in moving. I’m so grateful for a Father that looks out for me because he knows how much I care about this part of my life. My biggest fear is having to suddenly cancel a wedding but I’m grateful I didn’t have to call a single bride to cancel. 

I started my journey with a $600 dollar camera I saved with babysitting money as a 16 year old and now I start my next chapter on the other side of the United States. I’m so sad to be leaving this beautiful state but also so excited to get to serve the community in Columbia.

I look forward to the time I’m back here again.

Millie’s 1/2 Birthday

If you know me at all, you know half birthdays are my thing. I love them! When I tell someone happy half birthday it throws them off. Most people don’t keep track of this so it’s super exciting to me to remember some people’s half birthdays to make an ordinary day a little more fun. So when Millie had her first half birthday I had to do something for her. I made her this little crown and made my husband do a shoot with her. It was pretty chilly and windy when we did the shoot but Millie handled it like a champ.


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Millie’s 1st Valentines Day

My baby is almost 5 months old! Time goes so fast when you’re watching a baby grow every day. She is the happiest and the best baby. I adore her. I have always really loved Valentines Day and actually made these heart strings in college to decorate a dimly lit basement apartment I was living in at the time. In case anyone wants to know how cheap I was, I used paint swatch samples from Home Depot. It made it an affordable college craft and I’ve used them every year since for decorating for Valentines Day. There’s something extremely fun about celebrating every holiday right now. Every holiday is Millie’s first and therefore as a photographer/mom/memory keeper I always take pictures of Millie in her specific holiday outfit. This particular little shoot was extra special because MILLIE LEARNED HOW TO ROLL OVER! I got it in a series of pictures. And because I was so giddy about this moment I was seeing through my lens, my focus is off in the pictures. But I’m still thrilled to have this milestone of hers saved in picture form. Excuse me while I go cry because she’s not my teeny tiny baby anymore.

Expect more blogs throughout the year of this little one because she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


I really wanted to kiss her with lipstick but I don’t own a bright or dark enough color apparently so they don’t show up that well….haha

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Norris Family

This is my husband’s sister’s family. They were in town after Christmas and we went outside for 10 minutes for a quick shoot. thats all we could all last in the 20 degree weather. I have the cutest niece and nephews!

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Emilie Missionary- Salt Lake Temple

This is my baby sister. I’m crying my eyes out right now as I put this post together because she’s leaving on her mission tomorrow. My little brother is already on a mission and this means half of us siblings are going to be gone. I’m going to miss her bubbly happy self but I’m so excited for her too. I know she’s made the right choice for her and know she’ll be a blessing to so many. Love you, Em.

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Meet Millie

This sweet baby joined our family on September 25, 2016 at 9:33 PM after 18 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing and a C-Section. She weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, was 21.5 inches long and her head was in the 100th percentile. We are completely smitten and had no idea how much our hearts could love such a tiny little bundle. Meet Millie Doris Macfarlane.

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Utah Portrait Photographer- Gemma

Meet my niece, Gemma. Since she was merely minutes old I’ve been photographing her. Since she turned 1 though, she’s been really hard to take pictures of. So when she grabbed my hand and told me she wanted me to take pictures of her I didn’t hesitate at all. It lasted all of 15 minutes, but I’m thrilled with how they turned out. I love this 2 year old. She teaches me so much.
















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Sale & Giveaway!

Give the gift of photography this Christmas!

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If you follow #briannanicholephotography on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed me posting stuff about my “Big, Cheap, and Public” project over the last few weeks.
Basically, I printed something ridiculously big, on cheap paper, and display it in public. My image was 10 feet by 10 feet. It was…. a unique experience. I don’t really recommend printing that big if you don’t have a spare 24 hours of working time. But, I learned a lot by it and I think it turned out really cool, actually.

A quick shot of it in it’s place, and me next to it.

me and zebra

zebra bitmap small

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