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Austin & Mikayla, Salt Lake Temple, Bridals

I’m so glad these 2 wanted to do a first look before their weddings! First looks are my very favorite and I recommend them to all of my couples because it makes things go so much smoother after your wedding and before your reception if you’ve already done couple pictures! The Salt Lake Temple at Christmas time is one of my favorite places. I’m so glad I got to shoot here again this year because it’s the same month I got married here!

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Utah Wedding Photographer- Taylor & Kori, Provo City Center Temple and Sleepy Ridge Golf Course

I love Kori & Taylor. Some of the most sincere people you will ever meet and I just love their cute relationship. When these 2 were dating, the first time Kori introduced me to Taylor, I knew they’d get married and am so glad they are now! (You’ll notice I’m in one of the pictures below because I was not only their photographer but also a bridesmaid) In case you were wondering who the break dancing man is, That’s my husband. This was such a great day and am better off for knowing these 2.

Utah Wedding Photographer- Michael & Brittany, Elevé Events Center

Every wedding day has some sort of hitch, right? Well, this wedding was no different. In one of these pictures you will notice Brittany holding 2 wedding rings. Why? Because her ring, the one with the ruby, fell out of Michael’s pocket when they were setting up. So Brittany had Michael’s grandma’s ring put on her finger for the actual wedding ceremony. Luckily a guest found her ring on the floor just after they were married. Brittany’s ring is a family heirloom so everyone was very relieved to have it found. This sweet couple is finally married after 7 years of being together.

Peter & Brianna Wedding- Draper Temple, North Hampton House

When you set your wedding date for April 28, you prepare yourself for the possibility of rain, but not for a BLIZZARD!! The week leading up to their wedding as I watch the weather (I watch the weather far more than the average person) and saw it was supposed to snow. I texted Bri about it and she was so chill about it and took it casually. And when the weather was right and there was a blizzard at the temple when she came out she was still so happy! Out of all the places I’ve shot weddings, the Draper LDS Temple is by far the place I’ve shot with the worst/craziest weather. I loved spending the day with these 2 and am completely jealous of their honeymoon location- GREECE! But I guess they deserved a warm vacation after they froze to death on their wedding day.


My 7.5 month old has become super clingy to me the last few weeks and has made editing and blogging muuuuuch more time consuming. This blog post took me literally all day to put together because I only had a few minutes here and there until my husband came home from work. But non-the-less, here it is! AND it is Gerardo and Kasaundra’s 1 month anniversary today so everyone should wish them a happy 1 month anniversary! In their bridals post I told you about the significance of Kasaundra’s dress and said I’d tell you about the significance of her wedding ring in this post. Both of Gerardo’s parents have passed away and Kasaundra never got to meet either of them. But Gerardo gave Kasaundra his mom’s wedding ring set so she gets to have a piece of his mom with her always. I think this is so sweet and the perfect companion in their wedding to her heirloom dress as well! This wedding was wonderful. Filled with the sweetest family members and friends of the couple that you could truly tell loved them. I hope looking through these you can see the love everyone had for each other! Also, I wanted to wish all mom’s a happy Mother’s Day, yesterday!

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Utah Wedding Photographer- Reed & Kelsey, Timpanogos Temple & Gardner Village

I’m going to start this post out by saying I’m sad these 2 live in Denver. I’d totally make them be my husband and I’s friends if they lived here. Second I’m going to say what a champ these 2 were all day in the rain. It rained their whole day. And Kelsey had to re do her hair like 10x probably. I LOVE how the rain makes pictures look though so I wasn’t too disappointed.


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Colin & Megan Wedding- Provo City Center Temple, Sleepy Ridge Golf

Colin and Megan’s wedding was my first wedding back from having a baby. I shot this wedding 2.5 weeks after having a C-Section. I had no idea I would have to have a C-Section and my baby was late so this wedding was physically really difficult to shoot. Thank heaven for my AMAZING husband who was with me the whole day holding all my equipment and being so supportive of my business. I love this couple and think their love is so sweet. When I did their bridals (like 2 weeks before I was due) Colin cried when he saw Megan for the first time. It was one of the sweetest first looks I’ve done. One fun thing about this wedding was Megan’s sister got married just THE DAY before her. Bless their mom. I loved being their photographer and love the images I got from this day too.

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Colin & Megan Bridals- Provo City Center Temple, Sleepy Ridge Golf

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Rich & Kelli Wedding- Wheeler Farm

If you haven’t ever considered pre-wedding formal pictures this story I’m going to share may change your mind, Luckily Rich and Kelli did do pre-wedding formals. Within 30 minutes of each other there’s a farm called Wheeler Farm and a farm called Wadley Farm. Unfortunately the judge officiating the wedding went to Wadley Farm and after realizing the mistake was over an hour late, leaving us with all of 15-20 minutes for pictures in between the wedding and reception. Because we did their pictures before hand we were okay on time. Obviously I would have loved to have that hour for pictures, but none of us felt as stressed as we would have had we not done them before. You never know what kind of set back could happen on your wedding day so I always suggest doing Bridals/Groomals beforehand.

Utah Bridal Photographer- Richard & Kelli, Albion Basin

I rode up the canyon with the bride and her friend while the groom drove up in a different car so we could do a first look. We we had just entered a new speed zone when out of nowhere a police officer pulled us over. I’m pretty sure the bride’s friend got out of a speeding ticket because the passenger in the front was in her wedding dress. I guess we all can just wear wedding dresses when we plan to speed? It at least made for a good story leading up to these beautiful pictures!
































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